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  • The Why

    "It isn't professional development if nobody develops," - Dave Childers
    Simon Sinek didn't just do a TED talk on passion, he started a fire that eventually led to Level 33 Consulting. Well, not a literal fire. One of those figurative fires. What do you call that...hyperbole? Simile? Metaphor? I should probably Google that, but I digress.
    I have been in education for most of my life. Since before I was 5 years old, I have been either attending or working in a school - and for many of those years I have done both. I have been the student, the teacher, the professor, the facilitator, and the attendee. I believe in education. I believe in the power of education to transform and transcend. But...I also believe we can do more. And we can do better. That's why watching Simon Sinek's brilliant talk inspired me to create Level 33.
    So far the opportunities have been amazing. I've worked as close to home as an hour, and as far away as six time zones. I have met the most incredible people, and received some of the most incredible feedback and reaction to the work that I so love doing.
    This adventure has also allowed me to work on professional development experiences that serve audiences of hundreds. That allows me to customize a team - not just content - to ensure that wherever Level 33 has gone, people have developed. I have an amazing assortment of like-minded team members to draw from. They make me look really smart.
    I'm happiest when I'm working and making an impact. I'm ready, and so are the rest of the amazing people that make Level 33 so special. That said, I would love to customize something that will start a fire in your organization. But, again, not a literal one. A metaphorical one. Yes...I looked it up.

  • Who We Are

    Level 33 is more than a person. Or two people. It is a network of like-minded professional developers that are committed to providing transformative experiences to clients, attendees, and all stakeholders. But somebody has to have the pleasure of coordinating all of those moving pieces, and here are those somebodies...

    Dave Childers

    As a teacher, professor, administrator and business owner...Dave knows the value of time. That's why he created Level 33 Consulting on the mantra that "It's not professional development if nobody develops." He aims to create dynamic professional relationships with clients to ensure that they are not receiving ordinary or typical service - or results. Understanding a client means producing truly customized solutions, and understanding only comes from focusing on relationships above all other elements.

    Sean Williams

    Director of Operations
    Sean isn't a businessman. Sean just likes being involved in exciting initiatives and working with awesome people. He has built a reputation over the years for being a transformational leader and presenter, as well as being the kind of person that you just want to hang out with. Those same skills that have made him a fantastic administrator and presenter have made him a valuable component to growing the Level 33 Consulting brand and mission. Now, he would love to work with you to create the same level of impact on your organization.
  • The What

    We do professional development. Only better. Better because it isn't cookie cutter and you don't select it from some menu that Ben in accounting determined made the most business sense. Better because we work with you to design exactly what you want, and then put together the individual or team to make it really happen. Better because you deal directly with decision makers at all times. Better because we aren't happy unless you are excited. Better because this is our passion, as well as our work.
    Here are some areas where we have resident expertise...or at least the ability to locate it and hire it on your behalf:
    • Google Apps for Education (GAFE)
    • Digital Citizenship
    • Future Ready Schools
    • 21st Century Learning
    • Leadership Development
    • Common Core Alignment
    • ELD Strategies
    • School Reform
    • College and Career Readiness
    • Pretty much whatever (sorry for the technical jargon)

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